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How often should I shampoo my locs?

How often should I shampoo my locs?

The answer to this questions depends so much on where you are in the locing process. Generally speaking, you should not go more than 4 weeks without shampooing your locs. Does that mean you will be excommunicated from the “cool kids with locs” club if you go longer than four weeks? I promise, you won’t be penalized, but you might itch like crazy, and even smell a little. Infrequent shampooing can lead to excessive buildup and lint throughout the shaft of your locs, and there’ s nothing cute about that. The cleansing of your hair is paramount to the progress and health of your locs.

If you are new to locing (less than 6 months in) you should shampoo your hair about once a month. If shampooing every four weeks is more than you can stand then you should consider using a dry shampoo on your hair. Dry shampoos serve to absorb the oil from the scalp by use of a dry powder. Dry shampoos are not meant to replace regular shampoos but can instead buy you more time between cleansings. If your stylist suggest that you wait at least 6 months or longer before you shampoo your new locs, you should be worried. That’s just nasty. Have you cleansed your body over the last 6 months? Yes? Good! Then your hair and scalp should follow suite. The idea that shampooing the locs too soon will stop or disrupt the locing process is a common misconception. The truth is, having the hair and scalp shampooed by a trained professional within a few weeks of starting will promote and encourage the locs to form. The assumption that hair locs faster when left untouched and unclean is false. Healthy clean hair will loc at the same rate as dirty hair.

Once the locs are more mature, usually beyond the 12-14 month mark, you are free to shampoo more frequently. Those that workout often or sweat a lot may find that a twice a month routine or every three weeks is more suitable to their lifestyle. Keep in mind that if your scalp gets excessively dry or the opposite, excessively oily you will need to adjust your routine accordingly. Also, some loc wearers prefer a more manicured appearance to their locs so the frequency of shampooing may also be adjusted based on how groomed you want your locs to appear. When locs are shampooed, the roots tend to puff and frizz. This is more of an asethetic adjustment and you will have to decide which is more important, bushy roots or clean hair. For those clients that feel going longer than 2-3 weeks is more than they can stand, try shampooing the hair and instead of twisting the roots, section the hair and create 10-15 large plaits. Allow the plaits to dry. Once removed, the crinkles from the plaits become the man focus and no one will notice that your roots aren’t freshly twisted, but you will know that your hair is healthy and clean.



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