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To Beeswax or Not to Beeswax

To Beeswax or Not to Beeswax

One of the most popular questions I receive about loc maintenance is what product(s) should be used to start and/or maintain dreadlocks. The answer is as varied as there are products on the market. At The Loc Shop, we believe in using as natural a product as possible. We also prefer that the product be light and water soluble. Many loc wearers believe the heavier the product the better the hold. The belief being, that super sticky, heavy, thick products will make the locs last longer and thus loc quicker. We at The Shop could not disagree more. Here’s why: Highly textured hair, and by that we mean kinky, excessively curly, coily, and all around nappy hair doesn’t really need any help. The mere act of not combing the hair forces the hair into matted tangled knots. Locs, at their most basic form are uniform ropelike sections of matted tangled hair. By retwisting this tangled hair on a regular basis with shampoos in between the hair has no choice but to lock. The product used is simply a reinforcement of what the hair does naturally, coil. The product also serves as a moisturizing agent for the hair and scalp. It is therefore possible to lock the hair without the use of any product at all. Beauty supply stores host shelves of products that claim to loc the hair faster and better than the product beside it. For the small investment of just $4.99, one can have the best looking locs on the block, sometimes in a matter of weeks. Many a new loc wearer has been sucked into believing that hype. The truth is, many of those products contain artificial ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil that clog the scalp and lead to excessive buildup. Here’s a test, squeeze the base of your loc after a thorough cleansing but before you moisturize, If something oozes out, or if there is a significant amount of residue on your fingers, than the product your using is leaving residue in your hair and is not washing out after each shampoo. Not good. Years of buildup can lead to dull, ashy, sometimes foul smelling locs. So, what should you do? First run to the nearest sink/ salon/ shampoo bowl and cleanse your hair with a good clarifying shampoo*, this should help to remove any excess buildup. Then find yourself a product that contains all or as many natural ingredients as possible. The shorter the ingredients list the better. From beeswax to honey, organic to store bought, Natures Blessing to Taliah Waajid (what we use) there’s something out there for everyone, Just make sure you can pronounce it.


(*Please note that clarifying shampoos can cause excessive dryness and should only be used when absolutely necessary, and never as frequently as a regular shampoo.)

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