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Customer Focused

02 Oct Posted by in Beauty Business | Comments
Customer Focused

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

I went in for a pedicure today. I wrapped up early at the salon, ran a few errands, had lunch and stopped in for my twice monthly pedicure. There was a nail salon down the street from where I lunched but I chose not to go there. In an attempt to establish a more consistent relationship with the salon that I’ve been frequenting, I made my way back across town and went in to my neighborhood spot. Like many working moms, I often operate out of convenience. This salon is near my home and puts me in close proximity to my day care provider. They’ve done a great job in the past and the price is right. Today however felt different. I walked in with a pep in my step and a smile on my face. The usual nail tech, who I’m certain recognized me, didn’t seem as happy to see me as I was to see her. The salon was empty but I immediately felt more like I was interrupting something than like a welcome guest. She proceed to set up my pedicure station and seemed hesitant when I asked that she clean the bowl. So often the bowl cleaning is done when no one is looking and I’m just not comfortable with that. The nail technician seemed so distracted, like I wasn’t her first priority. After she finished checking a weeks worth of feeds on Facebook, I know because I asked what she was doing, she finally sat down to engage me and start my pedicure. From here on out things went smoothly. She performed her job well as she often does and her tip reflected that. In the end, I was reminded about the importance of customer focus and my role as a beautician. So often we get caught up in our jobs, the sameness of day in day out routines. The comfort of having repeat business means we sometimes take for granted that a smile, eye contact, a sincere hello, goes a long way. Social media is fine and addictive but a definite distraction when being used during personal interactions. If however you’ve lost or better yet forgotten the importance of social skills in real life, that is a problem.  I hope that as I continue to grow as a business woman that my clients keep me on my toes and that I give them the best version of myself and my undivided attention.

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