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The pressure to do more…

The pressure to do more…

As a hair, makeup and fashion obsessed woman living in an era of social media where every thought, idea and outfit we wear is publicized, I often find myself coveting someone elses “social “ life. I have had plans to start a youtube page since the first time I watched a video of a non stylist teach me how to do an updo. Cant be that much work to create and edit a 10 minute video, right? I decided years ago, when I got my last perm in 2001 that I would be that girl that twisted, braided, curled and styled her hair every week. Certain mommy blogs now have me convinced that I can make a home cooked meal every night and when I can’t I will simply whip out my prepared slow cooker meal that I froze last Sunday when I spent just four hours doing weekly meal prep. And Beachbody has me swearing on my pet rabbit’s grave that I absolutely have 30-60 minutes to spare each day to improve my physical self. But alas, I fall short. I locked my hair in part because shrinkage and detangling proved to be too much for me to handle.  I cook as often as I can manage but last week I found myself ordering takeout from a local carryout because it was almost 7pm and no one in my household had eaten dinner yet. While nursing my son I browse Instagram and watch Youtube videos and for the life of me, I cant figure out where these women find time to do so much with their hair so often. I get tired just watching the videos.

Yet here I am wanting to do more. Researching, studying, plotting, reading in a effort to be more efficient. I still aspire to be that girl that styles her locks on a weekly if not daily basis. To post images of every style I create at my salon. Im searching for a mentor who’s a salon owner and mother that can help me navigate this maze of entrepreneurship, motherhood and me.

I can’t fault those that I follow on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumbler for living their lives. What many post is simply a snap shot, six edited seconds of the life they are living.  And while I am absolutely in love with the life that I’m living, Id be lying if I said I didn’t want to make some changes. The pressure to do more, be more, ultimately comes from within me and I am aware of that. I aspire to grow my salon and I recognize the importance of social media in doing so. I want to live a long healthy life and cooking at home allows me to do just that while saving a few coins. I have never been more in love with my hair and I’d like to make the time to do more with it and show others how they can do the same.

As I continue to grow, Im learning that its natural to think that the grass is greener but its sensible to keep in mind that the water bill just might be higher. My Youtube channel is coming and just last night I prepared two meals, one for last night and one for today’s lunch. This morning I tossed some chicken in the slow cooker before I took the baby to day care. As I type this I am sitting under the dryer because I made time for me and my hair. I am a work in progress and the pressure, real or imagined, internal or otherwise, to do more is what motivates me. If asked, I will say with a happy heart that I am doing the best I can with what I have at this moment but stay tuned because there’s more to come.

  1. Leshell11-03-13

    I so enjoyed reading this! 🙂 Can’t wait for what’s to come. Please continue blogging. The authenticity is refreshing in a world where everyone’s preferred 6 seconds is publicized! 😉

    I acknowledge your motivation, your willingness to express where it comes from, and can so relate!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. ChinaB.09-24-14

    Wow, thanks for inspiring me for loving my journey.

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