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The importance of a consultation

The importance of a consultation

We receive many phone calls from new clients wanting to start their loc journey. They have tons of questions from how their new locs will look to whether or not they can get them wet. Before we start a client’s locs we like to perform a thorough consultation. This allows the client to ask as many questions as they like. The consultation also allows the stylist to see the client’s hair and quote a price, as well manage the clients expectations during this process.

The most important part of any consultation is managing expectations. So often clients come in wanting locs and many haven’t given much thought to the process and commitment involved in doing so. Many new loc wearers visit salons, have their locs started and a few months in, they’re disappointed because their hair hasn’t loc’d. The reality is their previous stylist didn’t adequately educate them on the locing process. Depending on the hair type, the hair can take anywhere from 6 months to one year to fully loc. The kinkier the hair, the faster it will loc. Those with softer hair textures will likely take longer to loc and are most like to experience frustration. We like to stress to clients that they must practice patience when locing their hair. Three months into the process is when many people are ready to throw in the towel because they feel like they aren’t seeing results. This is exactly the time when they should hold tight, sit on their hands and wait. Understanding how long the hair takes to loc, is a key step in starting the loc process.

One of the other things we like to cover during our consultation is the importance of clean starter locs. We recommend our new clients see us on average every 4 weeks. Each appointment at The Loc Shop includes a shampoo whether you’re newly loc’d or 10 years in. Some salons recommend not shampooing the hair when first starting your journey because they feel the hair will unravel and take longer to loc. We see things a little differently. We tell all of our clients we’d rather they have clean locs that take a little longer to loc than dirty lint filled hair that loc’d pretty quickly. It is perfectly normal for some of the hair to unravel during the first shampoo after starting your locs. Under the care of a professional knowledgeable stylist you don’t need to worry about all of your locs unraveling. We will cleanse the hair in such a way that all of our hard work is not lost. Over time, through regularly scheduled maintenance you will have a head of beautiful loc’d hair.

Last but certainly not least, we talk to our clients about comparing their locs to someone else. It is fine to come in for a consultation with a photo or an idea of what you’re looking to achieve. Expecting however that your locs will turn out exactly like someone else’s is a recipe for disaster. Everyone’s hair is unique and loc’d hair is no different. Density, the amount of hair per square inch of head, varies from person to person and plays a large role in whether you will have fuller more voluminous locs or a thinner set of locs. Understanding your hair texture and the density of your hair will allow you to begin your loc journey with confidence and excitement.


Getting a thorough consultation BEFORE you start your loc journey is the best way to ensure you and your hair are happy.

  1. roberta01-04-14

    i would love to come in for a consultation. i will call on your next business date. thanks in advance and happy new years!

  2. Cornelia DeBose01-11-14

    Do you do loc extensions?

    • Jafreda Brown01-30-14

      We offer loc extensions as a repair service to those that already have locs. Please call the salon at (301) 853-7323 to discuss further.

  3. lauren01-22-14

    Need appt for a consultation

    • Jafreda Brown01-30-14

      Lauren, consultations are offered free of charge every Saturday between 9am-1pm. No appointment is necessary. Please call the salon at (301) 853-7323 if you have any other questions.

  4. Janna06-14-14

    I’m white and I have almost shoulder length hair. I’ll come in for a consultation eventually… Is it possible to locs with this?

    • Jafreda Brown06-26-14

      You are more than welcome to come in for a consultation,. We offer consults free of charge every Saturday between 9am-1pm. As for whether or no its possible to loc your hair, we review that on a case by case basis. I can tell you that in the past we have attempted to loc hair that was completely straight and we havent been very successful.

  5. Sabrina11-15-14

    I’m ready to do the big chop in order to start again, can I get this done at the Loc Shop?

    • Jafreda Brown11-17-14

      Sabrina, we would love to have you. Please call us at (301) 853-7323 to schedule an appointment.

  6. Tiffany Dean01-02-17

    I started starter locs in my husband’s hair about 4 mos ago but, I just have question regarding what products to use and not to use on his hair please help me Thanks

  7. Lakia Hart02-14-17

    Do you have to cut your hair in order to get locs started? How long do you have to be without a perm in order to get locs started? When I schedule a consultation will I be able to get my hair done the same day?

    • Jafreda Brown02-15-17

      Hi, No, you do not have to cut your hair to begin locing it. Whats most important is that the hair is chemical free and natural. If your ends are excessively straight then those will need to be cut off before the locs can be started. You dont have to cut straight ends all at once but eventually they will need ot be cut, assuming thats your situation.

    • Jafreda Brown02-15-17

      The amount of time that you have to be without a perm can vary from person to person. As long as you have about 2-3 inches of natural hair, you should be ready to start your locs. If your ends are still relaxed, at some point those will need to be cut off, whether gradually or all at once. As for consultations, we suggest the consultation occur on a different day. Should for whatever reason we are not able to start your locs, we would hate to waste your time and ours by booking a “starter locs” appt only to have to cancel it

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