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Loc Star September 17

What inspired you to loc your hair?
    Topping the inspiration list was my daughters, doing their hair left me little time or patience for my own. The M.A.C. counter associate at my local mall, she has the most gorgeous locs I’ve ever seen. And lastly a college friend, watching her hair journey was beyond encouraging. Not only are her locs always beautiful but she makes   them look effortless yet meticulous at the same time.
Do you feel that your locs are more or less maintenance than previous hairstyles?
    Definately less maintenance. Although, I prefer to have my locs styled professionally, when necessary I can tackle a basic “wash, style, and go” quite easily. Since having my locs I can’t remember having a bad hair day. Prior to locs, I spent far too much time waiting for my turn at the hair salon and far too much money buying products trying to preserve those relaxed styles.
As a mother of three beautiful daughters, how has your transition to locs/ natural hair inspired them?
    Two of my girls are pretty young, they are natural but I don’t know if they appreciate it yet. I do know that they absolutely enjoy having a mom who isn’t afraid to jump in the pool and get her hair wet, a freedom that was non-existent with my previously relaxed hair. My oldest daughter however, was completely inspired to go natural and is now 14 months chemical free.
As a working professional, do you feel your hair has impacted how your coworkers/ management view you, if at all?
    If my choice of hairstyle had such an impact, my colleagues have done a great job at keeping it a secret. My company is fairly diverse and there are a few loc/natural hair wearers, male and female, at various professional levels. When at work, the rest of my appearance is pretty conservative so if my hair is viewed as something else, I’m not concerned.
What are some of your favorite styles?
    Thats’s easy, crinkled, it’s so easy!  I can wear it up or wear it down and best of all, no hairdryer necessary; my stylist, Freda knows that the dryer is my archenemy!
What advice would you give to your younger self about perceptions of beauty?
    I would advise my younger self that the trending perception of beauty isn’t always my reality but that my reality is always beautiful.