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Frequently Asked Questions…

Over the years, we have had hundred of clients. One thing that many clients, prospective and current have in common, are the questions they ask. We decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions.


How long will my hair take to loc?
The hair can take anywhere from six months to one year to fully loc. This time frame is an estimation based on starting length, texture and loc maintenance schedule. The kinkier the hair, the faster the hair tends to loc. Longer hair, 3″ or more, usually locs quicker, as there is more hair to tangle into itself. Starting locs can be a practice in patience. Ultimately, holding oneself to a fixed timeline of when the hair should loc can lead to frustration and sometimes giving up too soon. With patience the hair will loc. We promise.


What sort of products should I use on my locs?
At The Loc Shop, we recommend staying away from any product that is not water soluble or that does not break down after a good shampoo. We do not use or recommend beeswax. Although some stylist choose to use beeswax because of its holding properties, it is not our product of choice. Highly textured hair will hold and eventually loc without the aid of heavy, wax filled products. We use Natures Blessing Hair Pomade and Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Products.


Is it true that locs make your hair grow faster?
This is partially true. The hair grows an average of 1/4″- 1/2″ per month. Hair that has been over processed as a result of chemical services and/or over styling does not always reach its maximum growth potential. Hair, loced or otherwise, that is taken care of and not over processed is far more likely to reach its maximum growth potential. This explains why many perceive locs to grow faster than other hair styles. Diet, exercise, water intake and other factors can also affect the rate that someone’s hair grows.
Shedding can result in the loss of 80-100 strands per day. With locs, because you can’t comb or brush your hair, there is no shedding. The hair that would otherwise shed has nowhere to go and therefore remain tangled into the loc making the hair longer, faster.

My hair gets really fuzzy a week or so after I’ve gotten it done. What can I do to stop the fuzz?
Soft hair (also known as fuzzy hair) is a hair texture. Fuzzy hair can be managed but cannot be changed. Keeping the hair covered with a snug fitting cap or scarf while sleeping, working out and sweating can help the hair to lay down. Additionally, styling the hair with updos, braids and twist can extend the style while simultaneously cutting down on “the fuzzies”. Those with really soft, fuzzy hair should avoid over twisting the hair. It could lead to thinning and breaking locs.


How often should I get loc maintenance?
This depends on your hair type, lifestyle and budget. Some clients come every two weeks because they work out almost daily. Other clients get maintenance every 5-6 weeks. Although the decision is ultimately yours, as licensed professionals, we can tell you if you’re over twisting your hair or not getting maintenance often enough. On average, we recommend clients get maintenance about once a month. Going longer than 4 weeks without shampooing the hair can cause build up of product and oils, leading to scalp irritation.


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