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Loc Styles

Loc Updo

Dry hair is secured using hair pins or thread to create stunning works of art. Techniques incl. pinups, flat twist, cornrows and barrel roll styles)

Startinhg at $20

Loc Curls 

Starting at $40

Curls are created w/ Pipe cleaners, flexirods or perm rods. Hair is set on rollers to create amazingly curly ringlets. Clients can leave with Pipe cleaners in. Flexirods require approximately 2 hours of dryer time)

Loc Two Strand Twist or Plaits

Starting at $40

Wet hair of two or more strands are twisted or plaited in a rope like pattern). Add an additional $20 for mid back length and/or volume).

Loc Bantu Knots

Starting at $30

Locs are securely wound around themselves to create a raised knotted appearance. 

Loc Petals

Dry hair is folded and looped then secured with rubber bands to create a flower like effect.

Starting at $40

Loc Knots

Wet hair is folded and wrapped around itself. This style gives the illusion that locs are shorter than they actually are. Once removed, tight beautiful curls are the end result)

Starting at $30

Loc Haircut

Starting at 25

Loc's are cut to create shape, movement and style

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