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Starter Locs Tips


​​You finally did it and we couldn't be more excited for you. Starting your loc journey is a big big deal. As you journey down this road we promise to be with you every step of the way which is why we've compiled a cheat sheet to keep you right and tight between appointments. You are always welcome to email us at should you need additional support. You can also text us at (301) 781-6843 (text only).


  • Night Routine: Sleep in a satin bonnet or du-rag or sleep on a satin pillowcase. This will reduce frizziness and prolong your style. Curls on locs are best preserved by tucking all the locs into a bonnet. Shorter unstyled locs do well with more fitted sleep caps and dur-ags. If you're wearing an updo, tying a scarf around the perimeter of your hair will help prolong the style

  • Moisture: Moisture comes from water, not oil. Oil is not a moisturizer. If your hair is feeling dry between visits, spritzing the hair with 100% Rosewater Leave In, Oyin Handmade Spray Leave in or Crown Elements Moisture Infusion Leave In. All should help with moisture replenishment. You can then follow that up with an oil such as Jojoba, Almond, Olive, Grapeseed or Avocado oIL. We carry many of these in the salon. For usage and frequency, we suggest using the above mentioned leave in's to be used about 2x per week. 

  • Shampooing: Although we see most clients once a month some loc wearers require more frequent shampoos. Excessive itching and dryness may be a sign that you need to shampoo more frequently. Shampooing Starter Locs is ok despite the ugly rumors. Many clients find it too intimidating to shampoo starter locs. If that sounds like you we recommend having your stylist manage shampooing and conditioning for the first 6 months. Should you decide to shampoo yourself here's how: ​​​

  • How to Shamooo:

    • Starter Locs: Wet the hair thoroughly. Use the pad of your fingers and gently massage and cleanse the scalp. Rinse well. Now rinse again. There's always more shampoo residue. Repeat. Next up is the conditioner. If you are worried about misuse skip the conditioner until your next salon visit. If not, apply conditioner to the palm of your hand. Be sure that cream based conditioners have been diluted with water, use mindfully and not excessively. Apply conditioner throughout the hair from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly.  

    • MicroLocs: Band the hair before you begin. To band, section your Micro Locs into 4 -10 large sections. Lightly braid the hair sections and secure the end with a hair tie or rubber band. See steps above. 

  • As stated above, if you aren't comfortable shampooing thats perfectly fine, Shampooing about once a month is average for most people. While you can shampoo more frequently most aren't comfortable and don't want to mess up their hair. Ultimately it's a personal preference but keep in mind that clean locs are always better than neat locs. 

  • Conditioner: Conditioner will not unravel your locs. Manipulating them in the opposite direction, constant tugging, combing and or roughly brushing them absolutely will. If you are uncertain about how to shampoo feel free to text us at (301) 781-6843. We do not offer "redos" for locs that were messed up during at home shampooing so please shampoo with caution OR just leave it to us. We sell Shampoos and Conditioners in the salon for your convenience.

  • Unraveling: Unraveling is perfectly normal and common during the early stages of locs. Particularly around the perimeter (edges). Don't worry. You hair can and will loc, some sections may just take longer than others. 

  • Hair Color: We don't recommend coloring starter locs. It's best to color before you start your locs or be prepared to wait at least 12 months after you start. Coloring too soon can lead to excessive unraveling.

  • Maintenance schedule: We suggest you have your hair maintained by a trained professional approximately every 4-5 weeks for traditional locs and every 6-8 weeks for Micro Locs. 

  • How long will my hair take to loc? Starter locs can take 6-12 months to loc. During that time frizziness, some unraveling and budding will naturally occur. Don’t fret. These things are all perfectly normal. If you find your hair super frizzy between appointments keep these things in mind: Some hair types are frizzier than others. Covering your hair at night helps tremendously. 

  • Parts: Yikes! I cant see my parts or EWWW, all I see is scalp! There will be times when you won't see your parts as clearly. Since most retwist last about 2 weeks you can expect to see more parts/ scalp during the first two weeks after a retwist. After that parts aren’t as visible. Keep in mind that those with thin hair, and low density hair will be more likely to see their scalp than those with fuller, denser hair. 

  • Braids/ Wigs: We do not recommend covering starter locs with braids or wigs. Constantly wearing a wig could lead to flat and dry locs. Putting braids over the locs could lead to lumpy irregular looking locs. Additionally it can slow the locing process and leave hard to remove residue on the loc shaft. 

  • Styles: Keep styles at a minimum in the beginning stages. If desiring styles, simple is best.

Product Recommendations


Shampoo: Influance Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Influance Moisturizing Shampoo

Influance Coconut Shampoo


Influance Moisturizing Conditioner







ESSENTIAL OILS (3-4 drops/ to be diluted into the above mentioned oils):

Tee Tree




100% Rosewater

Oyin Handmade Moisture Spray

Crown Element Moisture Infusion


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